Photo: Jiri Hanzl ©

Kenneth Kainz has been making films since high-school, while holding an after-school job at the legendary danish filmproducer Per Holst’s production company. Kainz learned his craft, from directors Lars von Trier, Bille August, Niels Malmros and Kristian Levring, when they were making some of their signatur work at Per Holst Film.

Kristian Levring, as acclaimed commercial director, was a mentor and employer for Kainz for several years. Kainz also worked as an editor of shortfilms and commercials as well as directing commercials for production company Blarke/Sonne/Levring. Kainz graduated from The National Danish filmschool in 1999, and has directed numerous award winning shortfilms, commercials and featurefilms.
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